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"I love Dr Huang! Dr Huang practices holistic and natural medicine which I love. She recommended an all natural diet for my dogs which I am starting right away. I have a feeling I will be bringing my dogs here for years." —Vickie C., Pomona, CA via Yelp!

"My 9yr old Vizsla had developed a back problem where he had a compressed disc with a nerve issue going on. When he would walk his back leg would buckle sending him to the ground it was so sad. I tried traditional laser therapy and a host of medications from my other vet and he was sadly not improving. He has always been a active dog to say the least and I could not bear to see him like this. We were faced with having to put him down if it did not improve and a friend had suggested I try accupuncture. Hesitant at first but I was willing to try anything to save him, thats when I found Dr. Huang. She set realistic expectations that it could take a few sessions and that he may not respond. After his first treatment we did not see much improvement but after the second, he got up one night and walked over to his water bowl! We thought we were seeing things!! He had a total of 3 sessions and he has been doing great now for 8 months! She has him on a regime that he responds very well too! We are so thankful and appreciative to Dr. Huang. I think she is just great and she has a wonderful disposition with people and animals. A real gem!" —Michele S., Chino Hills

"I just have to say that Dr. Huang is a breath of fresh air!  My kitty was diagnosed with diabetes almost 2 years ago and I had been taking her to a vet in San Dimas, but I just knew they weren't the best and I didn't feel like my kitty was getting the best treatment possible. Upon my first visit with Dr. Huang, she took her time examining my kitty, jumped up on the exam table, sat indian style and told my husband and I to pull up a chair so we could talk about my kitty's condition, how to treat it, what else may be going on with her, exams and tests that could be done, and she was open to sharing the costs up front, in addition, she was very honest about the fact that some tests could be run but weren't necessary especially due to cost and the age of my cat.
Dr. Huang is great.  I can't imagine taking my kitty to anyone else.  I am so lucky I found her.  Treating a diabetic.....who now is diagnosed with kidney failure, can be intimidating, but Dr. Huang really cares for the animals she treats and for the comfort and understanding of the animal owners."—Sandra R., Fontana via Yelp!

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