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About Our Animal Hospital in Glendora

We are a group of

veterinary professionals

who strongly believe in helping pets and keeping them healthy and happy. We take pride in providing excellent medical care for your pets in a tender loving manner. Your pets are your family. We welcome you to join us at Glendora Pet Care Center where happy pets go to stay healthy.
Dr Huang, DVM at Glendora Pet Care Center
Dr Wen-Wen Huang, DVM, CVA
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign DVM 1997
Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

Dr. Huang

was born and raised in Taiwan. In the older days, there were no animal shelters there. She has seen many stray animals suffer from starvation and illnesses and vowed to help them as much as she could. Frustrated with the lack of good

veterinary care,

she decided to come to the US to study

veterinary medicine.

She did her pre-vet in Illinois State University and then attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for vet school. She received her DVM degree in 1997 and then came over to CA to do her internship. She then went back to Taiwan and founded an animal protection group called Caring for Stray Animal Society in 1999. Her group helped the first animal shelter in Taiwan establish and run their adoption and health care program.

After having practiced traditional western medicine for a while and seeing the side effects of certain treatments, Dr. Huang decided to incorporate

alternative holistic treatment

to help her patients better. She received her CVA degree (
certified veterinary acupuncturist
) from Chi Institute in 2009. She offers acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments.

Dr. Huang owns and operates Home Care Vet, a house call practice that she established in 2012. She has helped many pets who are unable to go to hospital for medical care. She will continue to make house calls until Glendora Pet Care Center starts operating.

Dr. Huang is also a partner at La Verne Animal Hospital. She has been working there since 2006. She will continue to work there part-time until her partner retires. Then La Verne Animal Hospital and Glendora Pet Care Center would be joined and become sister hospitals. For clients of La Verne Animal Hospital, please remain clients there. In fairness to Dr. Huang’s partner, we would not be able to accept you as clients at Glendora Pet Care Center for now.

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