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We Offer Non-Anesthetic Dental CleaningsHolistic Pet CareWe Help Create a Stress Free Environment

Who We Are
We are a

small animal hospital

that provides integrated veterinary care for

dogs and cats.

Our mission is to help dedicated owners keep their pets healthy and happy.

When it comes to

veterinary care,

one size definitely does not fit all. You and your pets have needs different from others. Our goal is to help provide the type of care that would benefit your pets the most, whether it is traditional western medicine or

alternative holistic treatments.

We care about both your pet's physical and psychological wellfare. This is why we strive to provide a

cat friendly environment

stress-free handling.
If your pets are your family, welcome to Glendora Pet Care Center where happy pets go to stay healthy.
We are the pet hospital for you if your pets are your family.
What We Do

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